The Cotto’60 is the ham that we have dedicated to the great Italian delicatessen.

His name brings us back to the economic boom, at a time when the delicatessens thrived. Especially the supermarkets did not exist and cooked hams were a novelty.
The baked into the tin dictates the form of the first aluminum molds that give shape to the cooked hams. For this reason Cotto’60 is thought in its original form of flattened box, some old butcher has remembered it and could not resist the charm of yesteryear. We then wanted to treat this ham as it was once that injecting brine into the artery. This technique allows us to let the product rest for several days giving an incomparable softness.
Another remarkable novelty is the TOTAL ABSENCE OF FLAVOURS both natural and synthetic. Like all smoked hams that also do not contain flavouurs, this gives a unique guarantee of wholesomeness of the product. The Italian legislation is in fact quite vague in defining substances which may be regarded aromas. So to be clear, to be simple we have cleared away all doubt. Cotto’60 does not contain flavorings but only infusion of spices.

No artificial or natural flavours