Via Roma, 11 43035 FELINO (PR) ITALY - tel 0521-835601 Fax 0521-338600 P.IVA 01575460348

familismo amoraleBranchi Srl was founded by Tito Branchi in Felino, Parma (Italy) in 1987. In the historical headquarters in Via Roma n°11, the firm began implementing new ideas backed by four generations of experience in the pork meat trade.

The Branchi family has worked in the pork meat business since the end of the second world war when Emilio Branchi founded the first company producing Seasoned Parma Ham. His son Franco continued this activity as well as starting up the very first cooked ham firm in the Parma region.

In the 60s the company expanded and new products were added to Branchi’s production line including boneless cooked ham and smoked ham “Prague type”, products which are currently the company’s core business and speciality.